Rise og Shine


About Rise & Shine


Rise & Shine concept is the innovation of Anders Brandt & Søren Juul


With our extended experience in construction, civil & military contracts & combined experience of administration, purchase, sales & import, export, we are proud to present Cobra V1 & V2 module lighting systems.


Our goal is to offer a unique light source that is 100 percent self-sufficient using solar power, incorporating the minimal of maintenance at the same time being multipurpose.


To provide an easy to assemble, without the use of heavy machinery, 100 % solar powered lighting system, as good as street lightning, as we know it.


There will be no need for fuel generators or extension cables.

Most importantly, the Cobra module lighting system allows for assembly, usage, disassembly with ease.

Repack into the provided transport units, ready to be transported and reassembled again at a new location.


Developed with military camps & construction sites in remote places in mind, self-sufficient Cobra module lighting systems.


100 % Co2 neutral, protecting our planet.


For further information, feel free to contact us at all time.

S. Juul & A. Brandt

Rise & Shine